Amherst College – New Science Center

6 East Drive. Amherst, Massachusetts
Construction Manager: Barr & Barr
Architects: Payette Associates
Pro-Bel services provided: Design, Engineer, Manufacture, Supply and Install

The new Amherst College Science Center is the school’s initiative to create an innovative space equipped to house the latest technologies and equipment and create an open, communication driven learning environment. Built to serve the school community for the next 100 years, the building features several interdisciplinary laboratories and workspaces unified by a central multi-story, glass enclosed commons area. The central canopied roof is lined with distinctly shaped skylights made of photovoltaic panels which provide light and generate electricity. Watch a video of how this center will impact the campus here.

Pro-Bel Technical Solution

We designed “Hands Free” Horizontal Lifeline Systems (HLL) and Monorail Systems to provide fall protection, window washing and façade maintenance access. The Hands Free HLL Systems with cable runners are installed around the entire perimeter of the central roof, and along the extended roofs on the eastern side to provide safe roof access for roof inspection and maintenance. The three building extensions on the western side are equipped with fall protection roof anchors. Three(3) monorail systems provide façade access to the façade located below the central canopied roof.

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