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New construction often requires davit arms for trade contractors to gain access to the exterior of building facades to complete suspended work. Due to liability and warranty constraints, the general contractor may not be in a position to "lend" these arms to trade contractors for their temporary use. In these instances, Pro-Bel offers the following solutions:

Heavy duty rental davit arms (Steel)

Rental Davit Arms are the best solution for facilitating the construction work of various trades. Rental arms used during suspended construction work often experience heavy wear and tear. 

The benefits of using Rental Construction Davit Arms are that they are economical, durable and engineer certified (recertified after each project cycle). Cost is dependent upon application, size, rental duration, and other project specific factors.

Light duty Project davit arms (Aluminum)

Project Davit Arms can facilitate light maintenance work such as glazing, caulking, and painting but are not designed for heavy construction. These arms can suffer significant damage if misused; and in such cases, will need to be inspected, tested, and repaired at an extra cost. Or, in some instances, the arms could be overloaded and damaged beyond repair. 

In the event the general contractor decides to use the Project Davit Arms, these arms will require inspection and recertification by a Pro-Bel engineer before being placed back into service. Additional charges for inspection and recertification will apply.

Rental Arm Design Criteria 

Pro-Bel’s portable Davit arm Models are manufactured to accommodate the building’s architectural design. Refer to the list below of building conditions that determines the type of portable rigging equipment required to connect rigging lines above or beyond the building structure. 

Roof Perimeter Edge Design - Structural or Non-Structural

Structural parapets are constructed with various finishes and conditions. Elements such as parapet height, metal capping, and spandrel glass-wall face panels need to be considered when deciding on the appropriate Davit Arm model. Davit arm models are also chosen to accommodate the rigging line’s connection to booms when setup outboard over the roof edge. 

Non-Structural parapet conditions can include elements such as glass railings and light wall framing at the roofs edge. Lifelines must rig above or rig through the perimeter condition without coming in contact with the non-structural elements.

Height of Parapet or Glass Guard Railings

The Davit Mast (vertical component of a davit arm) lengths are determined to ensure the Davit Boom (the horizontal component of a davit arm) is able to rig above the nonstructural elements at the roofs edge.

Building structural projection and design conditions

Design elements such as balcony projections, roof terraces, narrow access roof edges, catwalks, and mechanical roof areas are some of the design elements we consider. These present problems when wanting to use conventional suspended equipment such as counterweight beams and scaffolding. 

Fall Arrest System Design on a building provides fixed anchors and fixed davit bases for safely rigging and connecting portable rigging equipment. Many anchor design layouts do not accommodate the tieback of conventional beams and weight systems. Pro-bel has many different Davit base models with each base type requiring custom portable Davit adaptors to make a secure connection. Adaptor type is not interchangeable to suit all davit base models. A contractor must be able to provide a safe working plan which must include a stamped engineer certificate for the portable rigging equipment and the buildings stamped safety fall arrest plan. Transferring of equipment from one building to another is not permitted without following the engineer certified process.   

Please see an assembly demonstration video featuring our 8ft-6inch reach rental Davit Arm below. While this is our most common, we also rent 6ft-6inch reach and 10ft-6inch reach Davit arms.

Below you will also be able to download our most common written davit arm assembly procedure for 8ft-6inch reach Davit arm.

Download Procedure

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