We provide comprehensive technical consultations.


We provide comprehensive technical consultations.

When roof anchors are non-existent or exist in insufficient quantities around the periphery of the roof, window cleaners performing suspended maintenance work tend to improvise, sometimes with tragic consequences.

However, the foundation for window window cleaning operations to be conducted properly is for buildings to have engineered safety anchorage points that are designed and certified by a registered professional engineer and inspected annually by a competent person working under the direction of a professional engineer. This engineering requirement is in most OSHA Regulations, ANSI and CSA Standards.

Pro-Bel's team of designers and engineers, combined with 40 years of industry knowledge and experience will exceed the foregoing criteria and our equipment design and performance has been developed through experience, engineered design, calculations and load testing.

Technical Consultation

Pro-Bel provides a complete technical consultation service available to Architects, Engineers, Consultants, General Contractors, Building Owners and Managers. Without obligation, Pro-Bel will provide interested parties with a proposed Window Washing, Suspended Access and Fall Protection design concept to meet or exceed OSHA Regulations, ANSI and CSA Standards. 

Simply provide the following information:

  • Roof plans (architectural and structural)
  • Building elevations
  • Typical floor plan
  • Building section drawings showing all parapet walls or roof edge conditions and mechanical room walls and similar details
  • Any other drawings and/or photographs pertinent to window cleaning/suspended maintenance requirements.

Pro-Bel will review drawings and provide one or more design concepts as required with respect to suspended access equipment.

In addition, Pro-Bel will provide budget pricing for the concept that is contingent upon acceptance between Pro-Bel and architect/owner for proposed system design.

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