Outrigger Beam

Outrigger beam systems

An outrigger beam is a type of window washing system that acts as an alternative to davit arms. This system is used when there's a protruding balcony, terrace, or other juxtaposition that needs a window washing system with more outreach than a traditional davit. Outrigger beams are for high-rise buildings and/or mid-rise buildings.

Pro-Bel designs and engineers a wide range of structurally secured outrigger beam systems that accommodate all roof conditions on buildings under 300 feet in height. They are ground-rigged, made of either steel or aluminum and have sufficient inboard distance. Outrigger beam systems, like other suspension supports, provide a practical and efficient means for suspending platforms, Bosun's chairs, and single work cages.  

When is this form of façade access/window washing equipment implemented?  

Outrigger beams are suitable for roofs with sufficient inboard distance and are typically for ground-rigged equipment. Long-span beams are ideal for accessing difficult-to-reach areas e.g. beyond sloped roofs, terraces, and sunscreens. Additional inboard roof distance is required.

Roof design conditions with minimal inboard distance or lack of structural supports may dictate the use of a davit system at the roof edge or parapet.  

Types of outrigger beams:

Depending on factors such as roof space, roof loads, parapet height or strength, roof type, etc. non-permanent "conventional" outrigger beams with counterweights may not be suitable. 

In this case, Pro-Bel manufactures and offers a range of engineered, structurally secured outrigger beam systems designed to suit all roof conditions. You can find more information here.

Portable Outrigger Beams:

These beams are designed and dedicated to a specific building or roof area and are capable of being moved from the work location to the work location within the dedicated area. They are attached (pinned) to permanently installed bases or anchors during maintenance operations and placed in storage when not in use.  

Pro-Bel supplies the following portable outrigger beams: 

Fixed Outrigger Beams:

These beams are permanently installed equipment and are designed to remain at a fixed location. Typically for long spans over 10'-0" (3 m). 

Pro-Bel supplies the following fixed outrigger beams:

For more information on the different types of beams, download Pro-Bel's Outrigger Beam brochure or contact us.

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