Roof Anchor – Weld to Embed Plate

  • This anchor is typically used on hollow core slabs in new construction.
  • The cast in embed structure is cast into adjacent “cores” and a weldment anchor (without base plate) is later welded to the top of the embed plate.
  • These anchors facilitate easy and cost effective on-site installation.
  • The standard height is 12″ with a maximum allowable height of 18″.
  • The embed plate size, along with the stud spacing, varies with the size of the hollow core.
  • If the cores are too large and the slab cannot withstand the pull-out force, the PBE94-00U4 roof anchor series may be a viable alternative.
  • 8″ or 11″ tall flat/conventional flashing can be used when the base plate is embedded into concrete.

Download our Safety and Tie Back Anchors Brochure here for more information.

See Product Size Variations below.

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Product Size Chart

Below is a chart of our standard sizes. More are available upon enquiry.

Model No. Anchor Height Slab Thickness Min. Embed Depth Flashing Type Flashing Height
FA-PBE94-00B4-1208S 12″ 8″ 5-1/4″
FA-PBE94-00B4-1208S-FL1 12″ 8″ 5-1/4″ Conventional 8″
FA-PBE94-00B4-1508S 15″ 8″ 5-1/4″
FA-PBE94-00B4-1508S-FL1 15″ 8″ 5-1/4″ Conventional 8″
FA-PBE94-00B4-1808S 18″ 8″ 5-1/4″
FA-PBE94-00B4-1808S-FL1 18″ 8″ 5-1/4″ Conventional 8″
FA-PBE94-00B4-1808S-FL2 18″ 8″ 5-1/4″ Conventional 11″