Roof Anchor Accessory – Conventional Flashing with Heat-shrink collar

  • Flashing is an indispensable roofing accessory. It seals joints wherever the membrane is penetrated by a roof anchor.
  • In conventional roofing systems, the roofing membrane is placed over the insulation.
  • The Pro-Bel conventional/ flat flashing is designed to maintain a water-tight seal around the safety roof anchors, keeping the integrity of the roof intact.

Download our Safety and Tie Back Anchors Brochure here for more information.

See Product Size Variations below


Product Size Chart

Below is a chart of our standard sizes. More are available upon enquiry.

Model No. Roof membrane Type Height Fit Over Tube Size  Material
EF-P-FL-SS4-CN05 Conventional 5 4 Stainless Steel
EF-P-FL07-CN05 Conventional 5 3/1/2002 Aluminum
EF-P-FL07-CN16 Conventional 16 3/1/2002 Aluminum
EF-P-FL08-CN05 Conventional 5 4 Aluminum
EF-P-FL08-CN26 Conventional 26 4 Aluminum
P-FL-SS3.5-CN08 Conventional 8 3/1/2002 Stainless Steel
P-FL-SS3.5-CN11 Conventional 11 3/1/2002 Stainless Steel
P-FL07-CN08 Conventional 8 3/1/2002 Aluminum
P-FL07-CN11 Conventional 11 3/1/2002 Aluminum
P-FL08-CN08 Conventional 8 4 Aluminum
P-FL08-CN11 Conventional 11 4 Aluminum
P-FL09-CN11 Conventional 11 4/1/2002 Aluminum