Horizontal Trolley Rail Systems

horizontal trolley trail systems

When workers require horizontal mobility when working or rigging within close range of an unprotected vertical drop, conventional single-point anchors may prove impractical or insufficient. By contrast, horizontal trolley rail lifeline systems are ideal for long restricted spaces or tight quarters, providing non-restrictive fall protection and an effective means for the suspension of direct and primary rigging equipment.

Trolley rails differ from horizontal cable lifeline systems in that trolley rails are considered a somewhat non-restrictive fall protection system. Unlike cable systems, trolley rails are designed and engineered for multi-purpose applications, including:

• fall restraint lanyards

• fall arrest lifelines

• direct rigging or attachment of primary suspension lines when rigging a bosun's chair with descent control equipment

• attachment of tie-back lines when using outrigger beams or parapet wall clamps (stage, cage, or bosun's chair).

When is this form of façade access/window washing equipment implemented?

Designed primarily for horizontal applications. For horizontal mobility over extended distances while working close to a vertical drop e.g. within 6'-0" (1.8 m) of roof edge, skylight, or any high, narrow, level roof area or walkway not protected by a 42" (1067 mm) high guardrail.

For interior or exterior applications. Ideal for long restricted spaces or tight quarters, for attaching lanyards or horizontal lifelines, or for direct rigging of suspended equipment. As an alternative to single anchor points when independent anchors do not provide the required degree of safety. As a complement to conventional vertical lifeline anchorages in or around confined spaces.

Types of Horizontal Trolley Rails

Pro-Bel offers several types of trolley rail systems. Each has been engineered to satisfy a particular job requirement. They can be categorized as follows:

1. Aluminum Horizontal Trolley Rail:

An extruded aluminum rail that houses a traversing trolley assembly along one side of the rail. Advantages include light weight and ease of installation.

2. Steel Horizontal Trolley Rail:

A steel beam section available with a trolley assembly on one side or both sides of the rail.

Both above category rails are supplied complete with roof or other type supports or securements. In all cases, workers secure their lines to a U-bar trolley assembly. Any number of trolley assemblies may be specified for use on rails.

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