OSHA’s changes to Sub Part D - Walking Working Surfaces, impacting building owners and employers

Reminder walking working surfaces code changes

On January 17, 2017 OSHA published changes to Sub Part D - Walking Working Surfaces, which have a significant impact on building owners and employer’s responsibilities.

These changes include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Mandatory roof anchorages for window cleaners
  2. Mandatory fall protection on low sloped roofs - varying distances where fall protection is required depending on frequency and type of work being conducted
  3. Mandatory fall protection on permanent fixed ladders – fall protection or cages now required to be designed into ladder system

For the first time in OSHA’s history, Rope Descent Systems (RDS) are defined in the Regulation along with requirements for building owners to identify, test, certify and maintain suitable and adequate anchorages capable of supporting an ultimate load of 5000 lbs per employee attached. This does have an impact on what type of product you must specify.

OSHA has set varying compliance dates with respect to each amended section. It is important that you understand and integrate these changes into your specifications when designing a building where fall hazards exist.

Pro-Bel will help you understand the code changes and ensure that the specification and drawings you are issuing incorporate these changes to prevent costly change orders and possible litigation between design teams and building owners/developers.

Please contact Pro-Bel at 1-800-461-0575 or use this contact form to discuss these important changes.

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