Pro-Bel's roof anchor inspector ensuring the building's window washing and tie-back anchors are safe

The Critical Importance of Annual Fall Protection Inspections

US Inspections knows that…

Pro-Bel's roof anchor inspector ensuring the building's window washing and tie-back anchors are safe

“The most interesting information comes from children, for they tell all they know and then stop” – Mark Twain 

An interesting quote from one of the wittiest authors of all time.  As I create an outline for my monthly blog, I am reminded that sometimes too much information is truly too much information, particularly when discussing the dynamic topic of roof anchor inspections. 

We in the industry are inclined to throw all sorts of codes and standards at our prospective clients, advising how Federal OSHA and ANSI I-14 mandate that the permanently installed fall protection equipment be inspected on an annual basis by a competent person and citing section numbers that quite frankly, I have to look up every time I’m asked. 

So, in keeping with the theme, I will tell you all what I know and then stop. 


Suspended Access & Fall Protection Equipment Inspections are annual 

If you have roof anchors, tie-back anchors, roof davits, or any fall protection equipment in your facility, it MUST be inspected annually. Davit or roof anchor inspections ensure that no one suspended off your building is in danger. Fall protection inspections ensure that no rooftop worker loses their line while working close to the roof edge. 

Inspections are required  

Not only do ANSI and Federal OSHA require annual inspections, but every major equipment manufacturer does as well. This equipment is life or death and can’t be taken lightly.  

Thousands of people are risking their lives every at work 

Every day across the United States, tens of thousands of workers put their lives at risk by performing dangerous tasks while suspended 40 floors above a busy street or walking a narrow beam or ledge in a bustling factory. Our equipment goes further than just window washing; countless industries rely on it to keep them safe. 

Fall Protection Inspections keep people alive 

These workers rely on the equipment they are attached to or suspended by to be in good working order and ensure they get home safely to their families every day. One defective roof anchor can cost a life.  

Annual Suspended Access Equipment & fall protection inspections are the minimum 

Having this equipment inspected and maintained annually as a minimum requirement is the first step in protecting your workers and contractors from harm. If a natural disaster affects your building in any way, it’s recommended to schedule an inspection even if you’re not due for months. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.  

Cost of a Fall Protection Inspection 

An annual inspection's cost cannot be compared to the cost of a human life or to its quality. No budget cuts can justify the worst-case scenario. If we had to quantify the cost of an annual inspection against the cost of an OSHA fine or civil litigation, it would not even be 1% of 1%. 

Most folks are not intentionally disregarding fall protection inspections 

Property managers and building owners have a lot of things to consider when running a building. Often, they’re not aware that their building even has roof anchors, tie-back anchors, or davits. And sometimes, they aren’t even aware that they need to be inspected. By educating our current and prospective clients, we will earn and retain their business for years to come. 

Pro-Bel's inspectors are top-of-the-line  

I have the most diverse and experienced team of technicians across North America. My in-house staff are efficient and dedicated to providing our clients with superior service experience. As a client, if you are not satisfied with the service you received, I will personally make it right. 

Lastly, I know that if you call and ask me about your building’s anchors, I can help you. I also know that I’ll be happy to do it. 

As always, contact me directly with any questions, comments, or concerns. 

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