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We prioritize keeping workers safe with our complimentary free design and consultation service for eligible projects. Over the years, we’ve worked with renowned architecture firms such as Gensler, Perkins & Will, NBBJ, and many more! 

What we need for a fall protection and/or permanent window washing equipment design

To set up a design, we need a PDF of the full set of architectural drawings and a set of structural drawings. We can work off the architectural drawings alone, but without the structural drawings, we might need to revisit the design later. If landscape and mechanical roof drawings are available, that would be a bonus.

Fall Protection & Permanent Window Washing Equipment Design Process

Developing safe, functional, and compliant suspended facade access and fall protection systems takes careful planning, knowledge, and experience in fall protection and suspended access design combined with a keen understanding of the forces governing our industry. Before implementing any new system, please get in touch with Pro-Bel for our complementary consultation and free design service.

Our experienced design team will:  

  • Consider the suspended maintenance and fall protection requirements for the building project. Most drawings specify they only need suspended access for window washing, so the design must provide access to all windows. If the drawings specify that they need full facade access, the designer needs to ensure every inch of the building can be reached with the suspended access equipment.  
  • Review all relevant and available drawings, such as architectural, structural, mechanical roof plans, and landscape drawings. A design can be made off only a full set of architectural drawings, but without the structural drawings it might need to be revised at a later date. 
  • Propose and work with the design team and building owners to determine what equipment best suits the building facade access and/or fall protection requirements.  
  • Develop a preliminary design layout that complies with applicable Building Codes, OSHA Regulations, and industry standards such as ANSI or CSA.  
  • Provide equipment details that can easily be integrated into the base building structure with applicable loads necessary to design the structure accordingly to support the applied loads of the Pro-Bel equipment.  

At Pro-Bel, we realize that Architects have the task of harmonizing between function and design. While suspended access and fall protection systems are typically designed to place function ahead of appearance, we are conscious of aesthetic concerns - and have solutions for such cases. For this reason, we are more than happy to consult with architects and other design professionals to develop solutions that integrate well into the design and creative vision of the building project but still provide the necessary safety and function for suspended access workers.  


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