Wall Anchor – Wrap Around

  • This anchor wraps around an existing steel structure. This anchor is ideal for wrapping around the flanges of an I-beam or an HSS screen wall post.
  • The plate width can vary depending on the width of the structure that is to be wrapped, and the bolt length can vary depending on the depth of the structure.
  • Installation of this anchor does not require field welding or touch-up paint and will minimize the potential for rust.

Download our Safety and Tie Back Anchors Brochure here for more information.

See Product Size Variations below.



Product Size Chart

Below is a chart of our standard sizes. More are available upon enquiry.

Model No. Beam/HSS Width Beam/HSS Depth Bolt Length Hardware Material
EF-FA-PB46SG-D2-04S 6″ 4″ 9″ Stainless Steel
EF-SA-PB46SG-A23 3″ 3″ 6″ Stainless Steel
EF-SA-PB46SG-A23-90 3″ 3″ 6″ Stainless Steel
EF-SA-PB46SG-J2 10″ 10″ 14″ Stainless Steel
FA-PB46SG-A2-08S 4″ 5-8″ 12″ Stainless Steel
FA-PB46SG-A2-12S 4″ 9-12″ 16″ Stainless Steel
FA-PB46SG-D2-08S 6″ 5-8″ 12″ Stainless Steel
FA-PB46SG-D2-12S 6″ 9-12″ 16″ Stainless Steel
FA-PB46SG-G2-08S 8″ 5-8″ 12″ Stainless Steel
FA-PB46SG-G2-12S 8″ 9-12″ 16″ Stainless Steel