Safety Guardrails


Guardrails are an intuitive and integral part of a worker's everyday safety. Our steel pipe railings consist of three parts: a top rail, a mid-rail, and posts. Individual rails sections are progressively slipped together using internal connector sleeves that are pre-welded to the post fittings. The spliced joints are subsequently caulked to achieve a consistency of color, resulting in the appearance of a flush, smooth, and contemporary rail.

When this type of fall protection is used

For roof areas where workers are performing tasks within 6'-0" (1.83 m) of the roof edge without the benefit of a minimum 42" (1069 mm) high parapet, e.g. when window cleaners are setting up primary suspension equipment and safety lines, inspecting of roofing or mechanical equipment, servicing video cameras, lighting, or similar rooftop activities. Example areas of use for Pro-Bel railings include:

•Roof edges e.g. narrow roofs

• At man door openings

• Protection of open-sided floors, platforms, and runways.

• Around mechanical equipment

• Industrial applications to protect from the hazards of open pits, tanks, vats, ditches, waterside edges, and similar uses.

• New construction or retrofit

Types of Guardrails

Rails, Posts, and Fittings:

Rails are interconnected using internal connectors and prefabricated elbow fittings having flush radius bends. All closely fitted joint connections are sealed using the manufacturer's standard caulking, color to suit the finished rail.

Wall Mounting Plates:

Galvanized mild steel above 1/4" (6 mm) thickness, finished to match railing and designed to receive various securements including epoxy adhesive bolts, cast-in-place, bolt through, and weldment. Plates are available in straight or angled configurations.

Roof Mounting Piers:

Supplied complete with spun aluminum flashing (6061-T6 alloy to ASTM B221-2000) sealed at the top with torch-applied heat shrink rubber collar flashing, and with stainless steel or galvanized steel U-bar safety anchor (optional) if desired. Dimensions and securement to suit roof construction.

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