roof anchors for suspended platform work on existing buildings

Suspended Platform Work on Existing Buildings Require a Special Pre-Use Inspection

This article is to inform building owners and property managers that the Ministry of Labour requires a “Special Pre-Use Inspection” on all anchors or fixed supports before any suspended work is started and used for construction purposes (work such as caulking, painting, window replacement, brickwork, etc.). In other words, all work other than window cleaning.
The specific pre-use engineered inspection includes:

  • Review of the roof anchors and roof plan to ensure it depicts all fixed supports, securement details and conforms to the requirements under section 10 of CSA Standard Z271-10.
  • Review of the roof plan to ensure that the anchors are suitable and adequate for the attachment of suspended work platforms, and lifelines. To ensure that it is signed, stamped and dated by a professional engineer (note: this roof plan is required to be posted at the roof entrance).
  • Ensure all roof anchors and other fixed supports have been inspected, tested and maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and meet the requirements of Clause 11 (inspection and testing) of CSA Standard Z271-10.
  • Review system design to ensure all elevations of the building may be suitable for suspended access work and suited to the generic or specific contractor-supplied work plan.
  • Report and provide feedback for any deficiencies that may affect the safe performance of the intended suspended work.
  • Provide an engineered approved (stamped) report based on the above.

If you have any questions regarding these Ministry of Labour changes or require additional information, please contact us.